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Hey, everyone! I thought just to bring in some fresh new thoughs...since I haven't got any new artwork. :)
A while ago, I showed this painting to my granny: Be silent and beautiful by Ana-Lesac. And she said...wait for it.... "Why is this lady green"?

But, you know, it's my granny, so I kept my mouth shut. Few months later, I wanted to give my painting to some other lady, but knowing that she's not...sophisticated, I decided to paint something fairly realistic. So I gave her this: Apple by Ana-Lesac. And she asked... wait for it... if those were apples or peaches? WHO GIVES A F*CK??? 

I mean, come on! Can you really be so retarded? Do you not have the slightest idea about what art is?

Are you surrounded by illiberal and unenlightened people, too?

Beauty in Simplicity

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 19, 2012, 4:44 AM

Winter in the Forest by HelaLe   A horse without a name by KleopatraAurel

    Gun Control by artisticpig

At last! Free afternoon AND I decided to grab a cup of coffee and finally respond to all of your lovely comments. Come to think of it, I should probably grab myself a whole pot of coffee :D
Seriously? What is the point of hacking DA accounts?

When you came to my page earlyer, on the right side of my profile you could first see my journals and then below my ID (black and white photo of me). Now there's journal box below the ID box, and my picture is changed...
Really, what is the point?
there are some extremely stupid paintings in my gallery. I just realised that. I'll repaint them, make some adjustments and see if they can become something actually good.
How often do you come back to your stuff and improve them?

PS: I'll respond to your lovely comments in my gallery and on my journals asap :)
Sometimes we pay to much attention to someone's tehnique and skills to paint precise details, and not enough attention to the spiritual vision of the painting itself.

Who hasn't been charmed by some sort of night sight? It's simple dark beauty?
Here are some of the night scenes that I found very beautiful and powerful in their simplicity - in one word, impressive.

The Moon, by MrAndrewPandrew Cold night (Silence) by HelaLe Tahiti Moonrise by Ali-Radicali Geese Flying Over the Moon by Souzay The Moon and Balloon by girlyanimegal
I'm not on DA much lately... So obviously, I have no time (and no particular desire) to brows through the whooooole DA looking for something that I'd like. Or love. So, suggest me some art in comments below to check out and fav it and to fall in love with it, pretty please! =)
How would you call a group that connects doctors-painters? I have to decide for a name of such group, something that combines medicine and art... do you have any suggestions?
(PS: this has nothing to do with DeviantArt groups;))
I got my second DD, and won the first prize on a contest with Guitar and the bird by Ana-Lesac

This painting is Very precious to me: it is my visual interpretation of Pachelbel's Canon in D. This musical composition is very dear to me, I think it's the most beautiful music ever composed. This painting also includes my first guitar that was given to me by my father when I was a child. He played it since he was just a boy. This guitar is now very old, and hard to play on, so I wanted to give it a chance to play colors forever!

Thank you :icondragonflyandromeda: for suggesting my work and :icondeshrubber: for featuring it as DD.
Thanks to everyone who woted for me in all rounds in contest The winners :3, Hello there The Laughing Sandwich here :tighthug:
The Contest is over voting is over! Here are the winners ~
FRIST PLACE ~Ana-Lesac Won with this ~ Here is some Awesome artwork from their gallery ~
DA.ID3 by Ana-Lesac Forrest by Ana-Lesac Out of the shadow by Ana-Lesac
SECOND PLACE ~ LassieBob came second with ~ Expression by LassieBob Here is some amazing artwork from their gallery ~
Moving On by LassieBob Here Comes The Sun by LassieBob Predator by LassieBob Larry the Alto Sax by LassieBob My Love Is Forever by LassieBob Rainy Days by LassieBob A Hue by LassieBob Mornings by LassieBob In The Morning by LassieBob Maple Grove by LassieBob Deep Inside by LassieBob Morning Sun by LassieBob
THIRD PLACE IS A DREW ~ Between Tuker117 with ~ Cassette re do =D by Tuker117 and
XyMaster with ~ SOS by XyMaster
I will be sorting out the prizes soon :tighthug:
in :iconmusic-is-in-my-soul:.

There's so much happyness and love in my heart, I want to share it with all of you with this most favourite song of mine:… .
Keep on beeing creative, my dear watchers and friends!

Exhibition - Modern woman

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 9, 2012, 6:03 AM

I won't be talking much about my exhibition, just a few pics:

Opening of exibit Modern woman by Ana-Lesac With my parents by Ana-Lesac Be silent and beautiful by Ana-Lesac Modern woman - be silent and beautiful by Ana-Lesac My exhibition visitors by Ana-Lesac